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Subscription Confirmed!

Thanks for joining ! You’ll get an email from me once or twice a month about live shows, new music, merch, and other Comfort Cat projects. Hurray!

Want a little more?

If you’re interested in me as a person, I also invite you to join my TinyLetter community, which is a different kind of email experience. In essence, I just treat you all like my penpals!

It used to be my “official” email list, but I spent a lot of time just rambling about my life and being a goofball on it – and then I learned that that’s precisely the reason people enjoyed it. So I separated it and made it into its own thing. It’s kind of a throwback to the old days, when I used to have real penpals: I would spend hours upon hours, writing physical letters to people… It was my favorite way to waste time and feel close with someone. Now, I translate that energy into email writing, and I put out this list just once a month. Click here to see that one:

Photo by Ilya Popenko

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