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you sent me so much jewelry
as though that’d keep you close to me
oh joshua
i’m sorry you’re so broke
you’re just a minimum wage bloke
but aren’t we all
are not we all!
i want to kill a bank for you
rip out a rich guy’s ‘stache for you
and give you all you want and need for free
and not just me

i tried to work in corporate
but I don’t think i’m cut for it
oh joshua
so few things are right for me
but i’ve got my own back
that’s all i know
pack up and go
if you wait, you’ll wait forever
for something great, for something better—
but if i’m wrong, you better tell me what you know!
(why would you, though?)

you say it’s hard without me
but I think you thrive on misery
oh joshua
i’m sorry i’m still broke
and i’ve got problems of my own
you’ve seen them all
you’ve been them all
i’m sorry that i acted like
i thought you didn’t care enough.
this goes beyond your wallet, though. you know?
I think you know.

you need antidepressants
couldn’t say that in your presence
I would have sounded like a hypocrite
and you wouldn’t have considered it
but it’s sad that you can’t trust yourself to stay
aloft each day

© 2017 Comfort Cat

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