Comfort Cat is a New York City-based singer-songwriter who plays the guitarlele (six-stringed tenor ukulele), and is often backed by Jason Laney on keys and Dan Veksler on bass/guitarMiracle Jones has described them as “music that simultaneously abrades and soothes the soul” and “punk-by-way-of-the-divine.” Other fans call them “folk” or “antifolk,” depending on the song.

Album artwork for Consumption
The Staten Island-based experimental catcore catpop artist Comfort Cat has been writing music, playing strings, and belting out tunes in bars for over seven years... . Comfort Cat’s sumptuous but demon-soaked harmonies are often punctuated by wild shrieks of feral discontent: music that simultaneously abrades and soothes the soul, like the territorial roar of any domesticated predator establishing space.
“She accompanies herself with what she calls a guitarlele (or a six-string tenor ukulele), and a small string ensemble. But even with this small ensemble, she really plays with the volume. She goes between almost whispering to belting out in frustration with her magnificent voice. She sings with such flexibility and heartfeltness, it seems as if her voice rises from endless depths to land like a dust particle in our eye that we wipe away (i.e it’s molto MOLTO espressivo).”


Comfort Cat writes music to comfort toxic people. Whereas other songwriters sing about purging those that hold you back, Comfort Cat sides with the people that get left behind. If you have ever been “the problem,” you might relate to her songs.

Originally from the West Coast, Comfort Cat has lived in NYC for nearly 15 years, with two interludes studying music in the United Kingdom. She primarily performs with a “guitarlele,” a six-stringed instrument with the same intervals as a guitar but tuned up by a perfect fourth. “Comfort Cat” began as a stage name, and can either refer to the individual songwriter itself or the full band.

Through songwriting, Comfort Cat seeks to describe direct emotional experiences as they actually feel, and not how people try to make sense of them through an armchair psychiatrist lens.



Comfort Cat will not pretend to help you grow, learn, or become a better person. Rather, it commiserates, gleefully, joyfully, with zero perspective, zero compassion for those that wrong you, even less for those that you’ve wronged, and no room for nuance, until it dies no wiser, no smarter, no closer to any sort of Nirvana than it ever was before. Like an actual cat, Comfort Cat bestows favor upon people without regard for their apparent worthiness, harmful opinions, or bad taste. Also like an actual cat, Comfort Cat will change its mind without prior written notice and adheres to no moral code of man.

Comfort Cat switches pronouns depending on mood. So use whichever you want – she has no preference as to how people talk about her in the 3rd person.