Who Is Comfort Cat?


If it wasn’t already obvious, “Comfort Cat” was a chosen name. Her friends usually call her “Tami” or “Cat.” Comfort Cat likes to keep some things private but is surprisingly open about other things.

Comfort Cat developed its sense of musicality from a young age, learning violin at the age of 8. It did not sing in public, however, until its early 20s.

Comfort Cat struggled to form close relationships in early life, as its personality was very off-putting and it was poorly socialized. Much of this resulted from a toxic home life, which, unsurprisingly, no one ever believed her about. This was before the concept that crazy people can tell the truth became popular knowledge. Classmates often called her a “psycho” and tried to avoid her – and she did not make it easy to sympathize with her. Whatever you believe, this experience has greatly shaped this songwriter’s perspective on the world.

Comfort Cat grew up in an in intensely judgmental community, where being anything less than perfect was scorned by an educated elite, or laughed at in derision by the repressed and self-loathing. Everyone had to stay in their lane. This is why the last decade has been, in a way of speaking, Cat’s attempt to free herself, build self-esteem from scratch, and find a supportive community.

It was only after moving to New York City, and especially Staten Island, that Comfort Cat started performing original music. Here she found an audience that responded to her work in a positive way, not to mention incredible bandmates, who wanted to personally invest themselves in it. All of this made this last decade an astounding departure from the way things used to be. Life had possibilities that had been hitherto shrouded by generational misery.

Comfort Cat’s songs tend to make people feel joy. Fans have said they like to listen to it in the car full-blast. They appreciate that her voice is different.

Comfort Cat has never identified as a woman. But it has no strong pronoun preferences and will not make a fuss whether you call her a she / he / it / they – whatever doesn’t confuse you. Comfort Cat will always respect your pronoun preferences.