Ordinary Face

Written by Comfort Cat You have an ordinary faceYou have an ordinary smileYou laugh an ordinary laughStraight from your ordinary heartAnd how I could love you You have an ordinary mindYou dream of ordinary thingsYou think up ordinary waysTo go about your ordinary daysAnd how I could love you Hope is a dream I’m too… Continue reading Ordinary Face

Looking Longingly Busward

by Comfort Cat & Kyle Erickson Every evening starts the samecrying in the rainwaiting for a trainnever came By the twilight I want to dieMy life is a lieLooking longingly busward ooooooooohoooooooh ooooooooohoooooooh Waiting so long, feel so badtoo tired to be sadtoo drunk to be madI’ve been had Why can’t someone please take me… Continue reading Looking Longingly Busward


Written by Comfort Cat Times like this I feel like I’m a childtrapped at home with rancor running wildoh-eye oh-eye oh-eye oh-eye oh-eye oh-eye oh-eye oh-eyeThe open sky says,“Friend of mine, I wish that you could stay a while,for I have all the time there is,and all you haveand all you have and all you… Continue reading This


Written by Comfort Cat When the first troubles of the day beginmake me think of things I never like to thinkthere are voices highin the salty skythat make me sighif I should die today, Iwish that I could say Ilived my life as they live everyday like the road is wide as the mountains were… Continue reading Seagulls

Without My Beep Beep

Written by Comfort Cat without my carI can’t get from A to Bwithout my car(without my car)I’d get stranded in the streetwithout my car(without my car)I could never get that farwithout my carwithout my carwithout my beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep without my car(without… Continue reading Without My Beep Beep

I am married to the rain

Written by Comfort Cat I am married to the rainI am married to the rainI am married to the rainI am married to the rain You could pick at any tearfrom my tapestry of caresand, unraveling, like rain,unleash those wicked cordslike they’ve been waiting for I am married to the rainI am married to the… Continue reading I am married to the rain


Written by Dan Veksler & Comfort Cat Some of my closest friends are wormsAnd I don’t blame them for their dirtThey eat what God puts in their mouthThey don’t know their north from southThey never got to choose their terms Some that expire choose to be burnedDisplayed in alabaster urnsAs though the furnace purifiedTheir souls… Continue reading Worms


Written by Comfort Cat all of these leaves start to fray like a photographall of these years start to fade like a phonographall these machinesant and fly and an old giraffelearning fast butbarely lastingblinkingthrough the turning, churning lathe begin to, begin tobelong to the still point of it all all of these words kept for… Continue reading Leaves


Written by Comfort Cat joshuayou sent me so much jewelryas though that’d keep you close to meoh joshuai’m sorry you’re so brokeyou’re just a minimum wage blokebut aren’t we allare not we all!joshua!i want to kill a bank for yourip out a rich guy’s ‘stache for youand give you all you want and need for… Continue reading Joshua